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Welcome to my sales account! Here, I sell everything from trading cards, to anime stuff, to other good quality merch! Take a look around; I hope you find what you're looking for!

Sales Rules

Ships from Oregon, USA
Ships Domestic & International
Prices do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise stated.
Will hold for 48 hours. If you need to hold longer and have a good reason, feel free to inquire.
All Sales Final
Haggling is welcome!
Feel free to ask for more information on the condition of any item; I'd rather answer questions now than have a sad panda of a customer later.


Prices in USD
Paypal, Money Order, and Concealed Cash accepted.
I must receive payment before I send you your item; I'm not responsible if you choose the money order/concealed cash route and it gets lost in the mail

Please inquire about shipping with your zip code (or country if outside the USA)
I ship once a week at least.
I'm not responsible for items that are uninsured and get lost in the mail.

I accept trade offers! But note that I am kinda picky. I have a soft spot for plush and stationary though. Some of my favorite things are...
-Monkey Pokemon like Chimchar, Aipom, and a gen 5 trio.
-Pokemon Mystery Dungeon stuff
-Most ghost and/or dark type Pokemon
-Memorabilia from the Pokemon TCG World Championships
-WALL-E stuff
-Stuff with Chopper from One Piece on it
-Books about Screenwriting and Animation Art Books
Even if you don't have any of this, feel free to link to your sales and I'll take a look. You may have something weird I want.
Remember, it's an offer, not a demand. There may be many reasons I'm not up for a trade at any time. Please respect that.

Merch comes from a smoke free home! I'm horribly addicted to tea, though.
We do have a dog, but she stays out of my room, where I keep my sales items. So there shouldn't be any essence-of-woof on this stuff.

Have feedback for me?

You may submit it here: http://community.livejournal.com/timegearsales/459.html

Helpful sales links
Paypal fee calculator: http://www.rolbe.com/paypal.htm
Postage Calculator: http://postcalc.usps.gov/